• Build startups together with change-makers & doers

    Just because you're working solo doesn’t mean you can’t be part of an effective team.

    Ever struggled to maintain momentum & focus on your idea after the initial launch excitement?


    Found it hard to know what to prioritise when everything seems important and you haven't got people to give you feedback?


    Frustrated that your business model isn't stronger or that you're not making a big enough impact fast enough?


    You are not alone.


    You’re out of the driveway, completed ‘startup school’, built your first version, working 'remotely' and are ready to change the world, but...its.not.quite.happening.


    Sadly the 'amazing idea > startup reality honeymoon' doesn't usually last that long. Too often we stall, stagnate, or give up without really finding out if it could work.


    Tribe Builders is a new membership community that will help you get over this hump and regain momentum, providing structure & support to overcome the challenges & create positive new habits. Together, with other people like you: Remote workers, early stage founders, change-makers & solopreneurs.

    Focus areas for our Tribe:

    • How to prioritise what to focus on with limited resources
    • How to stay disciplined at completing set goals
    • How to track the right business and impact metrics & use them to make decisions
    • How to regularly maintain a hustler/growth mindset through community
    • How to enjoy the journey & increase resilience
  • How It Works

    • Register interest and we'll let you know when we're opening applications. 
    • Apply, and if you're  a good fit, an invitation to become a Tribe Builder. 
    • Members will then join a twice monthly rhythm of toolup, meetup & roundup.
    • More questions? Read our FAQ



    Spreadsheet goal setting, sanity checked by another tribe builder & shared transparently with community.



    1 hour video group check-in on progress, and Q&A with Ben Keene.



    Email dispatch of everyone's progress, highlights & opportunities.

  • Meet your Host


    Hello, I'm Ben and I love helping people get ideas that solve problems out into the world, successfully.


    Since 2006 I've been lucky to play a part in building some fantastic projects and helping lots of motivated people make things happen: Tribewanted, Escape the City, Rebel Book Club, THNK, & Virgin Startup.

    I've living on the Thai Island of Ko Lanta with my wife, Susannah, and our 3 children. If you happen to be island hopping this winter, we'd love to see you :)
    I'm excited to help you find more momentum and make a greater impact. Please connect with me Twitter, Instagram, or Medium.

  • FAQ

    Can anyone join the Tribe Builders?

    No way Jose! Tribe Builders Memberships aren't for the average 'talk about their ideas in the pub' folk. We're building a tribe of determined change-makers & doers want to make their projects fly.

    What does a Tribe Builders Membership include?

    Post application, for £30/$40 a month (£20/$25 for the pilot Oct-Dec 2018), you will join in with a twice-monthly:

    1. Toolup: Sanity checked by another tribe builder & shared transparently with community.

    2. Meetup: 1 hour video group check-in on progress, and Q&A with Ben Keene.

    3. Roundup: Email dispatch of everyone's progress, highlights & opportunities.

    You can opt out anytime if you aren't 100% happy. The average membership length goal is 1 year.

    What happens if I can't make the twice monthly check-in?

    You should sack whoever manages your diary! Seriously though, if you're on holiday or otherwise unavailable, no worries - you can re-watch the tribe check-in in your own time or read a quick summary.

    Can I get involved if I haven't started a business or am further down the line?

    If you need help at the very start either, start (!), get in contact and we can find you a coach or join a killer startup incubator or accelerator in your local city like The Escape School. If this is your second or third startup or even if you've been working on your business for a while, it can still help. Just make sure what our community offers is what you need!

    What do you mean by 'real world problems?'

    We want to help people who are trying to solve problems that already exist in the world because we believe life's too short not to be working on something that doesn't make things better. One way of looking at it is, which of the 17 UN Global Goals would your project or business contribute - in its own small way - towards solving?

    What do you mean by 'smart business models?'

    We want to help people make money quickly and easily. Why? Because only a profitable startup can create real freedom of choice for its team & change the world. Be it affiliate, B2B, subscription or another way, your business does not necessarily need to operate in just one way. Getting out of the business model box can often be the shift that changes things fastest.

    Can I get one-to-one coaching?

    Not with the Tribe Builder Membership but ask and we can see if there is someone who can support your needs directly.

    Why do I need to apply to join?

    Ultimately, anyone can get on with their work. But its not easy alone. The real value of joining the Tribe Builders is the a-team community that make you accountable every month. We want to align with people who are committed and can add value to the community as well as benefit, so we're careful who we select.

    My brother/lover/mate needs this - can I gift a Tribe Builder membership?

    Yes! If you would like to give a friend or family member a kick (& connect them with a like-minded tribe) then you can apply on their behalf.

    We will review and confirm their suitability before emailing them a 'Tribe Builders Membership Welcome'. We can do this on a date that you request.

    Can I stop my membership?

    Yes. You can stop your membership anytime by emailing us. We will complete this within 7 days of receiving your email. We can kickstart your membership again whenever you're ready.


    Can I get a refund on my membership?

    Sorry, no. Your membership is non-refundable. Your membership fees are supporting Tribe Builders like you!


    Who's building Tribe Builders?

    Tribe Builders is being built be Ben Keene.....a serial startup-er, community builder and digital nomad. Since 2006 Ben has played a part in building: Tribewanted, Escape the City, Rebel Book Club, THNK, & Virgin Startup.

    Ben is based at Kohub on the Thai Island of Ko Lanta with his wife, Susannah, and 3 children. If you happen to be island hopping in Thailand, Ben & family would be happy to give you a tour :)
    Connect with Ben on Twitter, Instagram, Medium or Email.

    Can you guarantee success?

    Nah. Its down to you. But with the right mindset, this community will go a long way in helping you get there ;)